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Our speciality is also the distinctive expertise of more than 25 years in planning and architecture. Let our references convince you.

Oriental Villa

project development | turnkey construction | Ludwigsfelde | 2022-2023

Health Care Club

project development | turnkey construction | Murnau | 2022-2024|



space to live

Hier zeigen wir Ihnen eine Auswahl an Objekten, die wir bislang geplant und saniert haben. Wir lieben die Herausforderung und konzentrieren uns auf die Vision unseres Kunden. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserer Qualität: 

Office & doctor's house luxury renovation

Elsenstraße | Berlin | 2022

During the individual construction phases, MFN Group maintains an overview and controls the optimal technical, economic and temporal coordination of the trades with the goal of turnkey completion of all contracted construction services.

complex services


Frankfurter Allee | Berlin | 2022

construction expertise

200+ complete renovations

Angerburger Allee | Berlin | 2020

franchise complete remodeling

Sushi & Burger City | Berlin | 2020

Renovation & Extension

Albertstraße | Berlin | 2022

6+ Facades & TRH renovation work

Berlin | 2021

200+ complete renovations

Berlin | 2019

Contact us now for your construction project and let us convince you of our competence and expertise.

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Spreetalallee 1, 14050
Berlin Charlottenburg

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Environmental Measures

Sustainablity trough Innovation

We drive innovation at all levels of project development, design and construction. One focus of our efforts is our energy design for renovations and plant engineering.

Climate-friendly energy solutions:
  • green power from sun, wind and hydropower at the site of eco-providers
  • photovoltaic projects: Integration into roof surfaces and facades
  • electrification of heat generation and avoidance of fossil fuels
  • Maximized use of available environmental energies, such as geothermal or groundwater energy, for the benefit of climate-friendly heating and cooling supply
Sustainable materials:
  • use of ecological building materials with low levels of pollutants and trace gases.
  • preferential use of natural and recyclable building materials and constructions
digital planning
  • digital control and the use of algorithms make the construction process faster, more efficient and thus also more sustainable and cost-effective
  • prevention of overproduction, misdeliveries and waste
  • savings in construction material due to reduced component thicknesses with prefabrication
  • use of recycled precast concrete elements

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